Part 2. The metaphysics of nonduality

Preface to Part 2.

Part 1 depended heavily on logic to make its points. However, in order to understand Part 2, we must invoke intuition as well as logic because it points to that which cannot be described logically. Parts of it are scientifically plausible and eventually testable by experiment, parts are scientifically tantalizing but can never be tested, parts are verifiable within one’s own experience, parts are acceptable only if the sage who teaches them is trusted, and parts cannot even approach understanding until enlightenment occurs. Taken together, this material is a bridge between the science and philosophy of Part 1 on the one hand, and the teachings of Part 3 on the other. It is an attempt to conceptualize something that by its very nature cannot be conceptualized.

In this part we critique the writings of the physicist Amit Goswami; heavily draw on the writings of Ramesh Balsekar and Wei Wu Wei who are two of the few contemporary spiritual teachers who delight in metaphysics; criticize the popular spiritual teaching which manifested as A Course in Miracles; and quote some material from conventional psychology and nondual Eastern Philosophy.

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